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Living with Chronic Disease and Long Term Illness

Webmaster: Laura Adcock
Irving, TX

My husband suffers from Congestive Heart Failure, which is a progressive disease ending in Death.
He is always sick, some people are able to manage it and live normal lives for periods at a time.
Unfortunately we haven't had one of those "periods" as of yet. That's why I'm starting this page.
The following are links to help & information about long term care, guidance, and the like.
God Bless.

American Heart Association

American Hospice Foundation

Death and Dying

Caregiver Links

Americans for Better Care of the Dying
Download patient and family caregiver information from website.
discussion forum

Caregiver Survival Resources
resources, such as government and nonprofit agencies, and lists of local and regional resources

assess, plan, manage and monitor the best care for your loved one

Family Caregiver Alliance
20 years of advocacy and support for family caregivers(bilingual information for Spanish-speaking people)

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Go To Disabilities Page

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