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InXpensive Living
Finding Household Items

Let me be the first one to recommend Kroger Grociery Stores!
And no I don't work for them!

*They always have their "Cost Cutter" prices, which are better
than Walmart's.

*They always have their "10 for $10" sales going on,
and you don't have to buy 10.

*I'm not sure if this policy still stands, but it has been their policy ,
that, if they ring up anything , at the wrong price, and you catch it, It's
FREE! I got a pack of pampers diapers for free once. Just for telling them,
"Isn't it your policy,...that it should be free?"

*If Your local Kroger has a gas station, even better! You can save up to
20cents a gallon on gas, if you shop there as well. Your Kroger card keeps
up with your shopping, and you save on gas accordingly.
Find a Kroger near you..

Hey , what If I don't have a Kroger near my house? Well, I have much more shopping advice.

1. If you live in the upper middle class or in or arround an affluent
neighborhood, drive just a little farther. I'm not talking 20 miles,
then you'd be spending gas. But say 5 xtra miles to a "less affluent"
neighborhood. The same exact store you shop at, in your neighborhood,
is probably there. And they base their prices on the neighborhood.

2. Never under estimate the "Dollar General Store". Did you know that
you can find major deals there. Like a bottle of generic Excedrin
100pills! for $2 dollars! or 100 ibuprofen(generic Advil) for $3 dollars!
They also have name brands if you prefer. Read your labels , they are the
same. They even have some decent clothes at discounted prices. Household
products, makeup(name brand!), and lots of other stuff too numerous to
mention. You owe yourself at least one trip to the Dollar General to check
the prices on everything. Find a The Dollar General Store near you

Are you shopping for a New TV? Or a computer? or other electronics?

Here is my advice for you.

1. Stay away from the big name brand Stores! You can get name brand
electronics at Walmart. And a lot cheaper. Also, you can usually get
the older model, but still new in the box, and save a couple hundred dollars.
I got my new computer there last year, and I opted for the older model with
Windows XP, and I saved about 200 smackaroos!

2. You local MOM & POP shop, is an excellent place to
have a computer built to suit. It may not be as pretty
as a new computer, but I bet ya it'll run better.

3. PAWN SHOPS! You just don't know! I have bought a lot
of things there, with great deals. I bought my DVD
player there, and it's the best DVD I have ever had,
especially for only $20! I got a 52" tv for $135.
(pre government digital takeover!). And the jewelry is
awesome. Don't be squeamish , they clean it.

4. You can also check out my internet & phones service page HERE . It is always changing.

That's all I have for now, but when I find new info, it will be here! Have a great day!

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