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My Mascot!!

About Me
Ok, the Dove is my mascot. I came home one day,
and I was having a relatively rotten day,
I'll admit it, I've had a relatively rotten 5 YEARS! But anyways, ,
in front of my door , was this very Dove.
Not a Pigeon! Neck's a different shape. This Dove,
just stood there 2 feet from my front door, staring and me,
and cooing. Yes, like any normal NUT, I tried to catch it. ,
I fed it some crackers. Then I went inside.
I thought , "you know what, that was really weird" , ,
but "good omen weird". As if this was a simple little
gift from God. The Dove sat in my tree for ,at
least, two hours. I took his picture and kept it. ,
Then I got the idea for this site. And the page builder
kept asking me for a pic for the site. So there he is,
my gift from God, I just really think he was
awesome. I hope he comes back to visit.

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